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babahu is Waterproof (IPX7)

One user was contacting me about why her babahu toothbrush not working anymore. I told her to mail her handpiece back to babahu workshop to have a check and we will mail her a brand new one immediatley for exchange within a year of purchase.

We just received her handpice back today. And here is what I want to share with all babahu toothbrush users today.

If you need to rinse the handpiece, do not aim the water directly into the four speaker holes at the bottom, and do not use very hot water. While the handpiece is waterproof, the membrane can be damaged by prolonged water pressure or very hot water.  

Note: Our mouthpiece is resistant to high temperature over 200 °C for disinfection, not handpiece. You can put the mouthpice into dishwasher for cleaning, but not the handpiece. LOL


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