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Babahu® - Plaque Test

Have I not seen the sun, I could have borne the shade.

Have I not used Babahu toothbrush, I couldn't have believed the effect.

Let me show you the plaque test with the kids using babahu® toothbrush with my video.

What is plaque?

Plaque is often described as a sticky film composed of bacteria and salivary by-products. When it first develops, it's clear - so it's difficult to see on its own. If you don't brush your teeth frequently, you can feel plaque. If you run your tongue over your teeth after not brushing for a few hours, you might feel a fuzzy coating on them and it is usually white in appearance. That's plaque.

Plaque Test is a fluorescent disclosing liquid for detecting plaque. How we do the test?

Firstly, we teach the kids how to brush their teeth with the bass technique of toothbrushing.

Secondly, we let kids use the tablets (which you can find in the dental aisle at many stores), chew one and then rinse your mouth with water. The plaque remaining on your teeth will be dyed red or pink.

Thirdly, kids are devided into 3 groups. 1st group of kids brush teeth for 3 mins under the guidance of teacher; 2nd group of kids brush teeth by himself or herself; 3rd group of kids use babahu X1 toothbrush for 20 seconds.

At the end of our plaque test, we do see how effectively babahu toothbrush works! Since you can easily see the dyed plaque spots gone, babahu toothbrush have given your teeth a comprehensive teeth cleaning.

Babahu toothbrush, I highly recommend it to you and your kids. It is for sure a toothbrushing revolution in our life.

Updated Dec 3, 2018

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